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TXU offers solar panel lease program through SolarCity

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Hey can i rent your roof , i pay the 3,500 and get the check too?


Was anyone able to download their "Surplus Power Purchase Agreement" at  I only get a 0k file.  I could not find if this was limited to any specific areas of their service.

 Wonder if I can generate power for TXU and use the profits to pay my Gexa bill.  ;D

Cool Blue:
Even if the plan isn't for you, the company might be a good place to pick up used PV panels!


--- Quote from: ZX9RCAM on March 11, 2010, 07:33:05 AM ---This is strictly for the safety of any repairmen.....don't want them coming into contact with hot lines, lol.
I would presume one could wire up a switch to divert the power to batteries for for back-up.

--- End quote ---

The grid tied setups used in this scenario won't charge batteries...  At least easily, without cutting and damaging the inter-panel wiring in the system.

More importantly, there are usually some very specific clauses on alterations to the array - Start rewiring it or adding/modifying components and you'll end up on the bad side of their contract.


It's called anti-islanding and an important feature to any residential distributed generation.  Most people probably don't know about it and if you are expecting the pv system to provide power during a grid event you will be surprised.

In a nutshell, when the inverter senses a disturbance on the grid it shuts down all power export until the grid is restored.  As mentioned, the main reason is for lineman safety and secondarily it helps the grid operator as he doesn't have to fight a million inverters each doing their own thing.

I think the program sounds great, you get all the benefit with a small fraction of the cost.  Let someone else worry about the reliability of the system and installation.


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