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What do these letters mean? SHTF TEOTWAWKI BOB BOL

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Earth Monk:
Check 6 = Look behind you, as in the clock directions, 12 always being straight in front of you.

REMF = Rear Echelon Mo Fo, someone who is forward deployed, but no where near the fight, like in UAE instead of Iraq, Kyrgystan instead of Afghanistan.

JEEP = Just Educated Enough to Pass, such as the new guy (Also known as (AKA) FNG = Fork'n New Guy)


BAA = Be An Ant

NAG = Not A Grasshopper


James Yeager:
There are from my book:

•   ACE Report – A report given by an operator (or a team to the op center) that conveys how much Ammo he has, what his Casualty status is and the status of his Equipment.
•   AD – Accidental Discharge (Mechanical Failure)
•   AED – Automatic External Defibrillator
•   AK – Communist Bloc 7.62x39 magazine fed assault rifle
•   AO – Area of Operation
•   ASR -- Alternate Supply Route
•   BDUs/Cammies – Military uniforms known as “Battle Dress Uniforms”
•   BOK or Blow Out Kit – Personal Trauma Kit
•   CAT – Counter Assault Team
•   CCP – Casualty Collection Point or medical aid station
•   CP – Close Protection (British term for EP)
•   CQB – Close Quarters Battle
•   Comms – Communications
•   CONUS – Continental United States
•   Creds – Credentials
•   CV – Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
•   DFAC – Dining Facility
•   DSS – Diplomatic Security Service
•   EP – Executive Protection
•   EVAC – Evacuate
•   FOB – Forward Operating Base
•   FOF / Force-on-Force – Realistic training that simulates active combat by allowing the participants to shoot at each other with non-lethal specialty rounds.
•   FM – Field Manual
•   Frags – Fragmentation Grenade
•   IADs – Immediate Action Drills (React to ambush)
•   IC – Independent Contractor
•   IED – Improvised Explosive Device
•   Indig – An indigenous person; a local
•   IR – Infra Red
•   Mags – Magazines for firearms
•   MOS – Military Occupational Specialty
•   MO – Modus Operandi (method of operation)
•   MRE – Meal Ready to Eat
•   MSR – Main Supply Route
•   ND – Negligent Discharge (Operator Error)
•   NVGs – Night Vision Goggles
•   OCONUS – Outside Continental United States
•   OPS Center – Operations Center
•   Op Order – Operations Order
•   OPSEC – Operational Security
•   PERSEC – Personal Security
•   PIT – The “Patrol Intervention Technique” A Law Enforcement method of pushing vehicle moving the same direction as you out of your way or off the road.
•   PKM / PKC – A Communist Bloc 7.62x54R belt fed general purpose machine gun.
•   PSD – Personal Security Detail
•   PX – Post Exchange (Department Store)
•   PM – Preventative Maintenance
•   QRF – Quick Reaction Force
•   ROE – Rules of Engagement
•   RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade
•   RPK – Communist Bloc 7.63x39 magazine fed light machine gun
•   R&R – Rest and Relaxation
•   SAT Phone - Satellite Telephone
•   SAW – Squad Automatic Weapon
•   SITREP – Situation Report
•   SMEAC – Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin (and logistics) Command (and Control)
•   SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures
•   TCNs – Third Country Nationals
•   TM – Training Manual
•   TTPs – Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
•   VBIED – Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device
•   VOK – Ventilated Operator Kit, a personal medical kit for treating trauma


•   Boo-Boo Kit – Supplies for treating non-life threatening medical issues.
•   Bootlegger turns – A 180 degree turn made while moving forward by using a combination of rear braking and steering.
•   Bug Out Bag / E&E Bag (Escape and Evasion) – A backpack you take when escaping from or evading an enemy.
•   Call sign – Code name mainly for radio use. This is traditionally given to you by someone for something stupid you have done. If you meet a guy who has a cool one his mother made it up for him.
•   Gear / Kit – Slang terms for tactical equipment.
•   Hard Car - Armored / Up-Armored
•   J-Turns - A 180 degree turn made while moving backward by using a combination of steering and shifting.
•   Push-Outs – Pushing a disabled vehicle out of an ambush.
•   Rams – Pushing another vehicle out of the way with your vehicle hopefully without disabling yourself.
•   Shemagh (shi-mog) – Material used as a scarf, dust mast, mask, head warmer, sun protection and often referred to as a “rag” that Middle Easterners wear.
•   Tow-Outs – Towing a disabled vehicle out of an ambush
•   Smoke – Smoke Grenade
•   Soft Car - Stock Vehicle with no Armor
•   Square Range – Term used to describe traditional range for firearms training.
•   Square Range Mentality – Term used to describe training that is not realistic and is bound by traditional outdated standards.
•   X – The danger area

Hare of Caerbannog:
Sometimes its good to explain exactly what we're talking about for the new people.

Disaster Matrix.
The basic concept that the most likely scenario of a survival situation you will face is first and foremost on an individual level.
Next on a household level, next on a neighborhood level, next on a local/city/county wide level, next regional level, then a state wide level and then a national level followed by a global level. Global being the least likely event.

Now for acronyms:
Remember folks, we're all adults here. If a phrase offends you or an acronym offends you, feel free to modify it!
So here's some acronyms and their meaning.

Shit Hits The Fan
ALT: Stuff Hits The Fan
ALT: TSHTF=The Shit (Stuff) Hits The Fan

The End Of The World As We Know It
ALT: EOTWAWKI (drop the The)
This is a situation where the Fan is gonna take a heck of a long time to recover from the Hit

Bug Out Bag
A "bag" back pack, golf bag, guitar case, whatever used to hold the basics needed to survive 72 hours if the SHTF and you have to leave in a hurry.

Bug In Bag
A "bag" back pack, golf bag, guitar case, Tupperware box or whatever used to hold the basics needed to survive 72 hours if the SHTF and you can't leave where you are. (home, office, cubical, whatever)

Bug Out Vehicle
What ever you use to get from where you are to where you need to be in a SHTF scenario.

Bug Out Location
This is where you go when you can't stay where you were.
It can be a parking lot where your family agrees to meet in case of a SHTF.
Or it can be your cabin in the woods where you hide from the roving zombie masses.

That brings up a fun one.
Who or what are Zombies?
Zombies are the brainless ones who feed on the labor of others, the savings of others, the preparations of others, or the freedom of others.

Those who allow themselves to be herded for the good of the collective.
Those who chant useless slogans instead of thinking.
Those who depend on their masters for all their needs.

So anyway, I hope this helps explain the weird letters and phrases you may see on our boards.

LEO:  Law Enforcement Officer

FRN's:  Federal Reserve Notes


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