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dirtroad doc:

--- Quote from: jerseyboy on January 08, 2018, 10:56:22 AM ---Just make sure you only run alternating current over long distances.  Direct current produces a lot of heat and loss over long distances. So invert the power at the panels and run the AC to the cabin.  Yes, it will add a load to your system so you have to have the panels/batteries to support the load. I would also position a secondary/backup for the things you use the AC for.  This could be as big as a generator (maybe a little Honda job) at the cabin to flashlights and candles and battery powered radios inside the cabin.

If you have a large system running 220volts, make sure you don't put all of the load on one leg of the system. They like to be balanced.

Sounds like a fun project.

You should also consider a small generator/battery system instead. If you run stuff like coffee pots, toasters, and hair dryers in the morning, make sure the generator is on. Otherwise, just run LED lights on the batteries and run the generator periodically to charge the batteries. Some charge controllers have the ability to turn on a generator when the battery voltage dips too low.

Good luck

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. While I would be setting this up as a "guest cabin" there are possibilities that someone could live in it for a more extended time in the future. The mini-split would be 110v, and if going solar shouldn't be long runs (as I understand long anyway?) as I would mount panels very close or on top of the cabin. Problem is where we live there would likely be a lot of hours of the day it would need to run to keep things remotely comfortable. The backup generator is a great idea, one more thing to add to planning list. As I am really no expert in solar at all (hell, not even a non expert) I was thinking the wire from the panels (close to or on cabin) to charge controller, to batteries, to sine wave converter and then to cabin? Clearly I still have a lot to learn but I really appreciate the reply.

Take care

What type of battery system are you thinking of using?


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