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Is your bank or insurerer on these lists?

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If so you may need to better protect your financial life. I know we have a financial section but for me my financial health is a critical aspect of my Emergency Preparations. Mods.. if you want to move this post that's fine by me. May we also consider making it an easy to find sticky somewhere and I'll try to update the list or links every 3-4 months...

Banks & Thrifts Graded D+ or worse (does not include Credit Unions):

Insurers Rated D+ or lower:

I'll endevor to keep these links updated once a quarter.

If this topic's been covered. My apologies. Last week I changed banks because of these ratings. I used to check on my bank's rating every year or so but let it slip.. Guess i need to be a little more on the ball about those check-ups. Most banks and insurers that fail were known to be in poor shape (D or worse) long before there failure. I am not predicting any given failure, just advising that these institutions are showing the preliminary signs of failure. Are you one of their customers?


I have a credit union. How does one find out what the rating is of a credit union?


--- Quote from: mamabear on October 05, 2009, 12:49:00 PM ---I have a credit union. How does one find out what the rating is of a credit union?

--- End quote ---

Yes there is but I need a couple of qualified recommendations before I post links on it. I put in a call to the people I go to for this type of data. They usually get back to me in a couple of days. Check this thread on Thursday or Friday. I should have posted a reply to your question by then.


thanks. I do not want to switch if i don't have to as pretty much every bank in my area was on that list, although not my insurance company.

nope and nope.  i set up my banking and insurance w/ smaller, regional, companies b/c of the better service and more conservative business practices. 


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