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grabbed from behind while walking on cell phone.....

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David in MN:
It's an ugly situation. And I don't have a good answer. Childless me would certainly jump in and provide defense with the problem that I might kill a mentally disabled person with a left hook. Nowadays when I'm carrying my baby through town I don't want to get my hands dirty because I'm concerned about diseases and who will care for my kid while I get arrested for intervening. I don't know if I'm striking a guy with Hep C.

In a way we've set up a situation where a good guy can't intervene. Even if I show up and do what the vast majority consider the right thing I'm exposing myself to whatever diseases this homeless man has and then a legal structure that wants to pin me down as a violent _______ (racist, sexist, homophobe).

I also sympathize with the victim. She pulls out the KaBar and suddenly she's arrested for defending herself. She knifes the weakest in our society....

Honestly I feel the only defense women have is martial arts. As a society we laugh at a guy who is beat up by a girl. But she becomes the bad guy in a heartbeat if she uses a baseball bat. I'll teach my daughter to box. It's the only realistic plan. As my wife would joke, "Dave, you're a 6'2" 250 lb giant. Nobody fucks with me when you're around. But you're not always around." Thhat was eye opening that my experience isn't universal.

I'll add something that bothers me that we don't talk about. If he's mentally insane he doesn't know the difference. He tries to molest everybody. Oh but his insanity permits him to accost the cute girl and when he fails then the naked jerk session is proof of the brain issues. He's not insane. Insane people do insane things across the board (they're in my family). He's RATIONAL for a molester until he's caught. He would have raped that woman and insanity was a preferred defense.

Would that we lived in a world............

  I also found that at 6'5" and 300 PLUS,I do still get 'targeted' but often only by those who have weapons or are under the influence.

Yeah, training is likely helpful. But, I have personally been overpowered, and it doesnt take much. A small drunk guy, best I could do was a "draw", if I knew martial arts back then, yep, I could have gotten away from small drunk guy. I am a bit skeptical about situations were the other person is larger and more motivated, I think some things can be done, maybe enough, but when you are short and weigh so little and have almost no strength, I dont think more training will always do it. I think someone my size needs an equalizer, and I think it is a rare woman who can physically defend herself from a grown man without one. If I hit you, for example, it would hardly register, if DaveMN hit me, it could kill. I have been slapped by a man and it had me dazed and my ears ringing, and bruised, and that was someone who wasnt motivated..... I enjoy the hollywood depictions of petite women beating up guys, but I know it isnt real

  The act of surprise does add much power to an attack and your best defense is awareness of your surroundings or walking in groups for defense.


--- Quote from: Carl on April 28, 2018, 06:11:56 AM ---  The act of surprise does add much power to an attack and your best defense is awareness of your surroundings or walking in groups for defense.

--- End quote ---


To me... awareness of surroundings is crucial. And... stay out of California.


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