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grabbed from behind while walking on cell phone.....

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Another example of the disproportionallity of strength between the genders. There is a very silly non-news item going around about how great it iwas a young American tourist stood up for herself with a man who grabbed her butt. While she was right to call him out on it, punching him as she did was a very dangerous move. She is young and strong, she has some training
--- Quote ---Leanna Carr, 26, happens to be a powerlifter and a strength coach, and when she felt threatened by the man, she reacted by punching him right in the kisser.
--- End quote ---

But, what was his reaction to this ? Her knuckles are red and almost bruised from one punch, it was a show of all her strength, for him it hurt, but not a big hurt, enough to make him mad
--- Quote ---After the punch, the situation become momentarily hostile; the man began cursing at Carr and getting in her face. "For a second, I was worried that it was going to escalate," she recalled.

Thankfully, a couple who witnessed the attack yelled at the man to "keep walking," and that's exactly what he did.
--- End quote ---
And, if no one around her and stood up for her, what would the result have been ?

I get why she did it, like most of our young women, she has no personal experience of the strength disparity, and of course a first reaction to him is to lash out and stand up for yourself, I tend this way when I shouldn't too, and I should know better, I would not be physical back, I dont think, as I do know. I would likely say too much, and maybe that would be ok. It is good to not be seen as a victim, but escalating the physical, as she did, is dangerous. It is one thing to be physical when you have no choice, you must do your best then, but it is dangerous as a woman vs a man to be the one to take it to a physical fight !

And, media is applauding her actions, and actually she was stupid. Maybe it was just an automatic reaction on her part, without thought, but not something we should be advocating.

Sorry it is not a news site, but is the first written account of it I could find, and I am talking about it here just to show the dangers we face and another example of why we realy need equalizers. Edit : No, I would not advocate using an equalizer of any sort in her situation where where she was briefly groped, it is dangerous to escalate ! I just meant that this again shows the strength disparity and why equalizers are neccessary in situations where you could be hurt or killed

MountainMomma -

other than the attempted rape that is one hilarious police log! (ok, the guy dying in the MC crash is also not funny)


--- Quote from: FrugalFannie on May 06, 2018, 12:54:42 PM ---MountainMomma -

other than the attempted rape that is one hilarious police log! (ok, the guy dying in the MC crash is also not funny)

--- End quote ---

It's a circus over there, for sure. Pretty much every week. It is written weekly, subscribe just for the entertainment and for further proof that coastal CA is crazy

Besides the obvious entertainment value, I hope you all will take it s a warning and continue to have your communities support law and order and not follow CA's lead on this....

More information on help/lack of help during the attack  -- a teenaged woman and complete stranger jumps in and grabs the guy, while an older aquaintance of the victim just keeps on walking by....

The first person to help her, after quite a few minutes of her yelling and struggling, was a woman, as I stated, but it turns out that she was also just a 15 year old teenaged woman, she was driving by as a passenger in a car with friends, saw and heard the commotion, and begged/made them pull over, so she jumped out and started pulling him, while the victim was pushing him, was able to extricate the victim.

--- Quote ---Sophia Fries was in a car with her friends when she saw a man on top of a woman who was screaming for help.

Fries, 15, jumped out of the vehicle near the Town Clock about 7 p.m. April 26 and helped to fight off the attacker and pull the victim, Sarah Shinsky, to safety.......

“My instant reaction was to help her,”
--- End quote ---

meanwhile, it turns out that one of the people who kept walking and ignored the attempted rape, knew the victim, s/he just didn't know it at the time, s/he didnt look or go and try and help or call for help....

--- Quote ---An acquaintance walking by during the attack did nothing to help, Shinsky said.

“When I’m screaming ‘Help’ right there, do not turn your eyes away,” Shinsky said, calling for community awareness to help anyone enduring an attack.
--- End quote ---

I know this post is a few months old. But in light of the fact that many folks will be out Christmas shopping we all need to be reminded to be fully aware of our surroundings. Stay safe while doing your Christmas shopping. Cell phones can wait till you are in a safe place to talk or text on them. Stay safe everyone.


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