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Situational awareness training resources


I was wondering if anyone has any good resources relating to raising ones situational awareness. I have a lady friend who travels alone abroad and some of the stories she has come back with have allowed us both to identify she has a lack of situational awareness; and it is something she wishes to become better at.

I suggested we find a course, books, or video to help raise her situational awareness when I am not around her to keep her aware of possible threats. The added bonus being if two people are situationally aware while traveling abroad the better ;) 

I could teach her but I rather her learn from a third party, just like I am having her learn firearm training and safety from a third party this way she can take more ownership of the skills she has learned. After this I could see a chance of continued learning together as we turn it into a game while traveling to challenge each other to grow in this regard.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

The NRA offers a course called Refuse to be a Victim.  I don't know where you live but they are give around the country.  Try this link


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