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I recently picked up a 288Wh clone off of Amazon on a flash sale. I also picked up a Coleman 100w solar panel from Sam's Club on end of year clearance.

I will never not have one again. 

Having a small turnkey unit that has multiple charge sources is very convenient. It's small and light enough that my kids can use it. Big win.

The solar panel got a 2x4 roof rack frame on the roof of my van so it is mobile and is where I am. I can take it off the vehicle with 8 screws.

The biggest advantage is I get to **think** solar.  Park in the shade for a cool car vs in the sun to charge the battery. 

I paid $175 for the pair, but I got really good transient prices.

 When I move this year,  the new place will likely build a diy 1kw solar and battery system on the garage as well as a few smaller systems for each of the other outbuildings.

Loving what I am learning with the ready built unit.  So handy to bring power to a need without needing a long extension cord.


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