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Citizens Assisting Citizens is proud to introduce our web page ( and our Facebook page (Citizens Assisting Citizens).

While visiting our web page you can meet the leaders of the Team, register as a volunteer and donate to the Team.  You will also be able to contact us with your questions, ideas and requests.  We hope that you find our web site informative and easy to navigate.  I would like to thank those who donated a lot of hard work and personal time in making the web site and Facebook page possible.

And don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us.

Mr. Bill:
Nice website. :)

Hey, have you guys abandoned and the forum there?  I ask because Jack has got me moving things from a Hostgator server to a new server, and is one of those things.  I'll just let it evaporate if you don't need it anymore.

Great looking site. I have been waiting for this to roll out. Very interested in seeing this grow and hopefully when my life slows down I can help as well.


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