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Recommended books or sites for NFP/birth control without hormones?

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Below I posted a copy  of some of the best NFP sites for you.  Studies have shown using the pill causes increase in cancer for women and in fact levels of hormones in river causes large number of fish to not only have tumors but have mix sex organs (see Prof. Janet Smith Contraception: Why NOT)  I am a member of MSP because I believe that my food is exposed to hormones and other harmful products that I wish to avoid. The pill is routinely  given  for such things as acne and cramps to women 15 and up.  How can I be against GMO, hormone and antiboitics for livestock and food , but not saying anything when my 3 daughters all take the pill.  Is not  it worst to take eat something directly as opposed to eat it indirectly.  Many take offense to this, that is not my intention. 

"The Couple to Couple League The Couple to Couple League (CCL) is an international, Catholic, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and teaching fertility awareness (natural family planning) to married and engaged couples."

Here's the USCCB (US Council of catholic Bishops) page on NFP:

The Marquette model (mainly focuses on cervical fluid to monitor fertility, and optionally uses an electronic fertility monitor)

Someone else on CAF recommended for NFP charting. You can do basic charting for free. I have been using it since I got engaged and started charting to learn NFP. The main caveat with this site is that it is geared toward trying to conceive, not trying to avoid. The free software is very useful though.

A book recommendation:
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler and Toni Weschler's website which includes charting ability and a forum:
I have seen numerous people on CAF recommend this book, and I got it myself for my husband and I to learn about NFP when we were engaged. We found it very informative and helpful.
What Weschler is teaching is the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). This is the sympto-thermal method (uses both cervical fluid and basal temperature to monitor fertility). The only difference practically between Fam and NFP is abstaining. FAM, since it is not morally based, does not "require" abstinence. However, she does state that abstinence during fertile times is the best way to avoid pregnancy when necessary and she does relate positive feedback from couples who abstain. Also, a number of the resources she lists in the back are Catholic/NFP resources.

Morning Sunshine:
now that I have time.... I find that all my sources have already been listed.  And lots more I did not know about.
I have used NFP for the last 6 years.  It was working, and we planned when to get pregnant with #4, and he was born exactly when we wanted.  And then we were done, but we got a little eager one month and didn't wait as long as we should have, and now we have 5 (and she is a loveable little one to have around!)  :-\  My hubby is now more than a bit gun shy on using this method again.  :P

When I used this, I used information from the book Natural Fertility Awareness by John and Farida Davidson. I just pretty much charted temperature

Thanks for all of the great information!  I now have quite a bit of reading to do :)

If you've ever been regular, you might want to try cycle beads.

I've never had a regular cycle (which makes planning when to carry supplies around a lot of fun, let me tell you). When I was looking for natural alternatives, it's the one I liked the most- just wear a bracelet with a rubber ring, slip the ring one bead down every day, and the beads change color on days you're able to get pregnant- very elegant solution. If it would work for me, I totally would have done it. :D


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