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Recommended books or sites for NFP/birth control without hormones?

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--- Quote from: TheBippy on April 24, 2014, 09:18:27 PM ---If you've ever been regular, you might want to try cycle beads.

I've never had a regular cycle (which makes planning when to carry supplies around a lot of fun, let me tell you). When I was looking for natural alternatives, it's the one I liked the most- just wear a bracelet with a rubber ring, slip the ring one bead down every day, and the beads change color on days you're able to get pregnant- very elegant solution. If it would work for me, I totally would have done it. :D

--- End quote ---

Hmmm this is going to sound pretty sad, but I don't remember if I was or not before I went on the pill  :-\.  So we will have to see how regular I am once I start.  That does sound like a really cool solution though.  Maybe I will get lucky...

Best book for what your asking :-)

Taking charge of your fertility has been the best book I have read on the subject.
Also there are loads of free apps so you no longer have to do the pen and paper charting.

Once I got the hang of my cycles after having a kiddo (intentionally) I can tell by just tracking cervical mucus.

other non-hormonal include doubling up barrier methods, ie condom with a cervical cap. Condoms produce alot of trash, but there are companies that make them out of natural rubber,

chart temp, and if you are in a "grey area" time, use the doubled up barrier method.....

ANd, the copper, non-hormonal IUD, they are coming back into favor with the 20something set, so I have heard, was reading an article about this the other day


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