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Yup, talked to my group and started making a plan. Making a list of skills we all have/share, what we bring tools/supplies wise, and phone tree. Got a meeting location (prepper store as base to meet/supply). Just waiting further instructions and what the "vision" is to come.

That sounds great!  Now we just have to wait for the system to be developed.  Sounds like you could help with that?  Once Jack gets some people to get things grounded in the foundation it will be go time.  This might take a while to get off the ground but I will be a worth while thing for sure.   

Adam Campbell:
I am definitely not the one you would want as a local "organizer" — I am spread way too thin for that, but if there are people in Western PA / Pittsburgh who want to get together and make a plan I am all for it. I would love to get to know more like minded people around here — and in spite of my cynical attitude I actually WOULD like to know I can help people in need if the time came to do so.

Adam, we need more people like you. Not everyone can be, wants to be, or should be organizer/chief. I would only for my group 20 or so in my area. beyond that and out of my zone.

But clearing downed trees, helping do a neighborhood watch for looting, manning a station where people can check in, hand out water. EVERYONE can do SOMETHING. Answer a phone, or even be the central call point to call up all the other volunteers and never leave house.

Wife wont be leaving our area, but will be hanging back and doing kid wrangling for those that do go out and help, central communication back home, and base camp here in our area.

I think the problem is with current organizations is that they are so big and try to over analyze and there are too many groups all wanting to be chief, make the decisions, and no one wants to work together.

Cells of volunteers that can go out and do good. Like Jack said main contats in East, West, and Central. Then they call the state contacts, the state call the regional contacts. Regionals organize their groups and move out.

I have heard of people in multiple disasters packing up to go and help then turned away because one government group couldn't work or communicate with another. Is sad and to think how much money goes to them and the people involved and still cant seem to get things done.

I am a member of the National Guard near Washington DC and I was activated this past weekend to drive fuel truck up to Brooklyn. Minutes before we were scheduled to leave, we received a call canceling the mission...... The reason ? The folks coordinating the response only wanted to invite units from the NJ/NY region. I got to spend all this week watching folks hurting for fuel when I had a 6000 gallon truck ready and willing to respond. In 17 years of service we have never actually made it to an emergency. We report, stand around and then go home after logistical snafus, politics and plain on incompetence. When I heard this podcast I almost jumped out of my chair! Please, please, please add me to the list of those ready and able to do what the gov't so often fails to do. This is an awesome idea !!!


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