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Men don't wear bras

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Mr. Red Beard (UKtheBUNNY):
You mean this isn't a comfortable bra?

Nope not comfy but does match the tin foil hat

For the comfort of women everywhere, bras should never be worn again by any woman.

We'll all have to adjust to the change, but we'll be okay I think.


Morning Sunshine:
I have been firmly convinced for many years that bras were one of three evils created by men to keep women in bondage.  oh, what are the other two? nylons and heels.

seriously though, I do not wear one.  would you wear shoes if you didn't have feet?  although, when pregnant and nursing, I do grow just a tad.  ::)  I am hoping that when I am done with that nonsense, I can go back to my small state.  meanwhile, I am looking for a comfortable bra that will support these monsters necessary for my baby.  I will look into this.  Thanks.

I saw the Genie bra and wondered if they really hold up.  I refuse to wear bras with wire in them and do not understand why women wear wire
pressing and digging into them.  I love sports bras or anything without the torture.  I want something with comfort and I can run in. CVS here I come!  One more thing to put into my BOB.


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