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Men don't wear bras

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Men don't wear bras, they wear Bros or Manssieres.  ???


--- Quote from: BikerKat on February 26, 2012, 05:48:31 AM ---I saw the Genie bra and wondered if they really hold up.  I refuse to wear bras with wire in them and do not understand why women wear wire
pressing and digging into them.  I love sports bras or anything without the torture.  I want something with comfort and I can run in. CVS here I come!  One more thing to put into my BOB.

--- End quote ---
I can't stand the bras with only elastic. They ride up and I have to keep pulling them down. It makes me nuts!

Underwires suck

And no.. they did not do large scale production on bras until the 1930's. They had corsets before that and bodices before that. I love my medieval garb as pretty much you wear your 'bra' on the outside and very comfy. When I wear my 'tavern' dresses VS my fancy garb, I usually am working in them and have milked goats, blacksmithed, lampworked and gardened in them. Also easy to make and if the worst case scenario ever happened, SO easy to make and pretty much one size fits all.



--- Quote from: Cedar on February 26, 2012, 08:00:39 AM ---Underwires suck

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I can't imagine wearing a bra without an underwire.  Just cannot get enough support with the unwired ones.
Think the preference may have something to do with the size of the load you're hauling.

Regardless of what style you like, it's often a good idea to get a bra fitting from the specialists in the bra section of the department store (or wherever you buy your bras).  I always try to look for the oldest lady in the section, they usually know their stuff & can point you to the best fitting bra for you.

Yes they say that most women don't wear the correct size or fit.  Having someone fit you is so important.  When I had my fitting done I went from wearing a D to a DDD.  Since I was wearing a T-shirt hubby just stared and said dang honey with a smile on his face.  I told him that's the cheapest boob job in history you are one lucky man.   

If you are hauling a load and want to jog I would say that most likely the Genie bra won't cut it.  Well it wouldn't for me.  You can double up on them and that may work? 

Heals and panty hose suck.  I use to have to wear them working in certain environments where it was expected.  Every day after work it was run to the car.  Off with the bra off with the shoes off with the pantyhose off with the jacket and skirt. One day when hubby's car broke down he got a ride to my office.  Started with the jacket said here honey throw it in the back then the skirt bra shoes hose and so on.  He just looked at me what the hell are you doing a strip tease for?  Do you do this every day?  yup and pulled sweats out of my purse.  Slid them on at the parking lot stop sign and said hand me my shoes under your feet.  He laughed  so hard and said dang it must suck to be a woman and have to wear all that stuff.  Now I know why you always have to go to the car to look for clothes.   

As far as I am concerned having to wear that garb is enough reason to quit your job and find a new one.   ;) 


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