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Men don't wear bras

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most of them anyway, but I'm sure they designed them as instruments of torture in the middle ages. ;) After many years and many dollars I have actually tried and successfully worn one for more than an hour without being ready for a nervous breakdown.
Woohoo, found the comfortable one at this late date.  It's the Genie as advertised on tv.Got mine at CVS.
I know this doesn't sound earth shattering to the guys, but it's very important to our well being and disposition.   ;D

I am NOT going to ask...

I am a female, Archer.  lol

My wife is one that is very self conscious if she is not wearing one. She has shown me sores where stays have worked through after wearing them for hours. I sympathize and as such have asked her to select a brand and style that fits well, regardless of the costs. I concure that this item of clothing has a tremendous effect on their overall disposition and well being.

Wearing  a bra for me is getting dressed up.  Literally since gravity has taken over ::)  I tried the genie bras I figured why not they averaged  only about $10 each very cheap compared to the $75 I was spending.  If they didn't work was going to have to have custom made ouch $$$ .  They worked!  :happydance: I can start the lawn mower and chain saw without getting hurt.  Climb through a fence with out getting stuck. And this summer no more thinking about T's and ace bandage.  No more dents in my shoulder.  No more Red sore marks any where.  And best of all no more wires digging in or being cut in half every time I bend over or sit.   They really don't even roll up.   The down side hubby couldn't figure out how to work it ;)


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