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pre 65 silver - where and what to buy

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I currently have about 30 silver eagles and do plan on adding more.  I would also like to get smaller denomination pre-65 coins.  Given a small  budget where and what do I start to buy?

Not sure of your budget, but i would start with the smallest denomination (10 cents) and work up. Sometimes a bargain can be found on ebay for smaller purchases, but for larger purchases i would look at APMEX. I have done both and it has worked for me. Just an old geezers .02  :D

My advice would to be to locate a reputable coin dealer in your area. I really like doing business with our local guy. Cash, no trail. (He has never seen me and I have never been there.)

  No coin dealer beats ebay.  In fact 80 % of all coins are moved on the internet, and ebay is the 800 pound Gorilla of that world.  In fact, they really set the going rate for silver coins, not New York anymore.  That may seem like a Bravado type of statement, but I buy alot from all sources, and I know when the shops are empty, I can still find what I want for the most competitive price on ebay.  Some of the sellers on ebay also have brick and mortar shops.  And the dirty little secret is:  The shop owner will sell his stuff cheaper on ebay, than he does in his 9-5 shop.  He has to, besides his shop having high operation cost, which would make ebay cheaper, Ebay is world competition.  You will not get better prices everyday on every item than on Ebay. 
  Try this;  Go to Coins / US Coins on ebay.  Select - quarters, Select - buy it now, Select - free shipping, type in 64 in description and see how competitive the pricing becomes.  You can do the same with pre 65 dimes, halfs, or Silver dollars.  Dont buy too many dimes, it takes too many to make an ounce, and it can be hard to read the dates.  I suggest Dollars, and Quarters.  The Silver Quarter was traded for a gallon of gas, a meal, and most small purchases for over 100 years.  The Silver Dollar was the worlds trade unit for 300 years.  We get the term "dollar" from the Spanish Coin which dominated early trade in America, even before US mint. ( It was roughly an Ounce of Silver )  If you need some free advice, send me a private note, this is the Prep that I have been doing for many years. Dont worry I'm not trying to sell anything, it's just the Survival Topic I know the best, and take the greatest joy in.

I dont agree with your statement as a whole. I have found a few deals on ebay, but my coin and bullion dealer usually beats the ebay sellers. Whats also nice is no shipping charges and I can see the coins in person when I buy from her. She is a large dealer and buys and sells at a small profit margin so thats why I do well on my purchases.


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