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Mods/Admins help please?

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Patriot:Ex Machina:
Hey folks. I just signed on for the day. I'll see what I can do Millerized.
Hang in there.  ;D

Patriot:Ex Machina:
Ok mi amigo, I think i gotcha fixed. You'll still have to sign in as millerized1 but you will show up as Millerized.

Whew! I appreciate that.  I didn't even lose my Karmic life savings.  WEEEEEE!!!!!!

I'll have to talk to those jerks over at at to see about my email blocking problems ::) >:(


Thanks again!

I'm Millerized Dammit! ;)

I noticed that on my posts there is no dig it or did not dig it under my karma. Why is it not there?

I see it. Here I'll pop your cherry...+1


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