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What are you currently working on?  Post pictures if you can or want to.

Technically not "working on" since I just finished it about an hour ago ... but my latest is for a raffle to benefit one of our sheriff's deputies who was stricken with Gillian-Barre Syndrome and will need extensive rehab & recovery.

Several people made & donated blocks and I did the setting, built the top, added the borders, quilted & bound it. It was a SOB to put together due to the range of skill levels involved (expert to no flippin' clue) but I think it came out looking pretty. Wish us luck with the fundraising!

That quilt looks beautiful. Someday I'll get better at sewing ::)

Also I made this thread a while back: Mods, perhaps they could be merged?

The raffle was a huge success! No one kept track of the dollar amount per item, and there were many very cool items donated (concealed carry purse, a Henry lever-action .22, ammo, framed art photography to name just a few), but all the jars had lots of tickets in them. This was posted on his FB page this morning:

"I would like to thank everyone that has helped with the booth for Brian at Western Legends!! So many people did so much and have made a huge difference in the life of the Bettridge family. The Raffle Booth raised enough money to pay the amount needed to pay the hospital bill deductibles for this year! What an amazing community we all live in!! I know there will be more needed later...but my heart is so full of gratitude and appreciation for all of your support!!! Thank you everyone!!!! ~Lorie"

Yay us.  :)

I've been asking my daughter to take pictures all month, and we finally did, but right before bed in the house, so maybe not the best, but you'll get the idea. Im not that into op'sec, realy, just had been out working on the pop-up and not combed my hair or cleaned up....

This dress is the one I made and wore to my eldest daughters wedding, the flash makes it look shinier than it is in real life. It was actaully the easier of the 2 and the quicker. It is a pattern from an indie company, By Hand London and is the Elisalex, done in a silk taffetta.

This one seemed to take forever, it is a vogue pattern, fully lined, silk dupioni, made and worn for the rehearsal dinner


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