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So we are trying to decide what fiber animals to get.  I have been reading and oh man are there a lot of choices :).  I'm posting here because I'm wondering how easy Angora fiber is to work with?  I hear that it is popular and soft.  What kinds of things can be made from Angora fiber?  Have you used/spun it?

Angora goat or Angora rabbits? I like spinning both. Both are time consuming to care for and manage.


Angora is not really a good beginner spinning fiber because it is very slippery and has a short staple length (this means it will probably slide right out of your hands). It it very lovely and soft but does not wear nearly as hard as wool. Most times it is not spun by itself but is carded with something stronger, like wool or alpaca.

If you got a goat or bunny you could easily sell the fiber. At least with the rabbits it is much easier than shearing a sheep (you just sort of pull it off in clumps and then card it). It fetches a nice price in the right market and if it's the right quality.

Great info!  We were looking at the goats.  I didn't know about the rabbits.  Gosh so much to learn.  Guess for now we will stay on course to do the Shetland sheep fibers.  Hopefully they aren't to hard for beginners.


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