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Louisville under state of emergency - BLM/antifa attacks expected

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As expected, BLM/antifa has changed tactics to using firearms to assassinate police and others who stand in their way.  This is what the string of gun store robberies in other thread has been about.
Two police officers shot amid Louisville protests over Breonna Taylor ruling

Two police officers were shot and wounded late on Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky, during protests
protesters immediately took to the streets of Kentucky's largest city and marched for hours chanting, "No lives matter until Black lives matter," amid sporadic clashes with police
police closed in on a throng of protesters at nightfall, ordering the crowd to disperse about a half hour before a 9 p.m. curfew was due to go into effect.

A Reuters journalist on the scene heard gunfire erupt from the crowd
Two officers were shot and wounded, interim Louisville Metropolitan Police chief Robert Schroeder told reporters.

One suspect was arrested, and the two wounded officers were in stable condition

Some calmer, rational voices are starting to emerge to counter BLM/antifa.  Could be a good sign.
Charles Barkley reacts to Breonna Taylor case, dismisses 'defund the police' as 'crap'

“It’s bad this young lady lost her life,” Barkley said of Taylor. “But we do have to take into account that her boyfriend did shoot at the cops and shot a cop. So, like I say, even though I am really sorry she lost her life, I don’t think we can just say we can put this in the same situation as George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. I just don’t believe that.”
“You know, I hear these fools on TV talking about ‘defund the police’ and things like that. We need police reform and prison reform and things like that. Because you know, who ain’t gonna defund the cops? White neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods. So that notion they keep saying that … I’m like, wait a minute. Who are Black people supposed to call -- Ghostbusters? -- when we have crime in our neighborhoods? We need police reform. Like I say, White people -- especially rich White people -- they’re always gonna have cops, so we need to stop that 'defund' or 'abolish the cops' crap,” he said.

Four lawyers discuss the facts of the case.
What MSM is NOT Telling you about Breonna Taylor

there have been some recent developments that have led to unrest across U.S. cities. But is the media giving you all the info on Breonna Taylor's death? In this highlight, Rob Barnes, Nate Broady, Uncivil Law and I discuss the incident and the facts that the media has not reported on.


--- Quote from: iam4liberty on September 25, 2020, 04:26:39 PM ---Four lawyers discuss the facts of the case.

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I subscribe to Viva Frei's channel.  He puts out some great info

They put out a lot of info on this one.  There's a ton of info that the MSM didn't put out.


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