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How Far will the Unprepared Travel ?

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Is this where the FEMA camps kick-in? Still trying to figure out why they are being activated. ???

If a scenario goes full evacuation and or refugee I would say that the only place that is safe is the only place that is not between 2 points or close to between 2 points.  Look at the Syrian refugees a few years back "walking" to Germany.  Distance is your friend but obscurity is a better ally. (that might be a tee shirt) Availability of transportation will be a key factor in smaller events.  If there is gas the "raiding" range is bigger.  If they have to walk the "raiding range" gets smaller.  Weather will also play a role in this distance. If they move from raids to migration all bets are off.

I am using the word raid to mean that they return to where they came from.  A home base mentality.

Migration would be like a swarm of locusts moving across the landscape from point A to point B. I would expect most large scale migration to be North to South over along term but a collapsing circle of people moving in to the city because that is where government will set up shelters and giveaway life will happen first.  When the winter winds blow it will be a North to South Migration.  North to south will also likely happen when the white blanket of winter lifts as people wan to get out of barley surviving the winter.  There will also likely be an extreme south move to the North to beat the heat.  I would guess that it will be city to city but they will move in a V as they look for food and shelter the ones in front will go the straightest and those that follow will fan out to find what they missed to the sides. 

If it goes that far I hope I don't see it.


--- Quote from: rustyknife on October 17, 2019, 05:13:11 PM ---Is this where the FEMA camps kick-in? Still trying to figure out why they are being activated. ???

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Any more info on the camps??


--- Quote from: Stwood on October 18, 2019, 03:02:09 PM ---Any more info on the camps??

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Agree, haven't heard anything about "activating" FEMA camps.

--- Quote from: DDJ on October 18, 2019, 10:33:17 AM ---Distance is your friend but obscurity is a better ally.
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Very profound words.

I'm on a Snow Emergency Route, but in all honesty, it goes nowhere that any mobs would be headed.  It's North of any big cities and is not on the way to anything.

I'm in good with an older former FEMA employee. I'll be seeing him tomorrow.
I'll see if he's still in the know.


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