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How to use the ALERT topics


Mr. Bill:
We currently have five "ALERT" topics in the Current Severe Emergency Situations board:

ALERT: Active shooter & multiple homicide incidents, United States
ALERT: Active shooter & multiple homicide incidents, outside the US
ALERT: Natural and industrial disaster emergencies
ALERT: Civil disturbance emergencies
ALERT: Miscellaneous emergencies

The purpose of these topics is to keep our members informed with urgent information about current emergency incidents.

* Brief announcements and informative links about new emergencies that are currently in progress.
* Urgent updates only (for example: the emergency has worsened significantly, or the emergency is over).
* Links to other topics on TSP Forum where the incident is being discussed in detail.
* Discussion or speculation.
* Minor updates.
* Followups after the emergency has ended.Instead, please use a separate topic dedicated to the specific incident.  Start one yourself if it doesn't exist yet, and post a link to it in the appropriate ALERT topic.  (If you don't know how to post a link to a topic, just click "Report to moderator" at the bottom of your own post, and we'll be glad to do it for you.)

If you want to receive e-mail notifications when someone posts in the ALERT topics (or in any other topic on the forum), click the "NOTIFY" button at the top of the thread.


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