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TSP DRT worries and concerns, and possible solutions

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At the suggestion of Mr Bill, I have started this topic.

Let the group know your concerns and maybe we can find a way to mitigate the risk.
Feel free to be a pessimist, just don't be a hater  ;)

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Hootie on November 13, 2012, 02:29:38 PM ---At the suggestion of Mr Bill, I have started this topic.

--- End quote ---

Just so y'all know, I'm not intending to be directly involved in TSP-DRT due to my utter lack of qualifications and abilities. 8)  As a moderator, though, I do have this suggestion:

In the early planning for a big project, it's good to have a "Yes Session" (brainstorming about all the things you'd like to do), and it's also good to have a "No Session" (brainstorming about everything that might go wrong) -- and it's really good to keep them separate.  Both are valuable, but in different ways.  Combine them too early, and each tends to kill the other.

So this thread is the "No Session" (or perhaps one of several).

I'll shut up now and watch the smart people work.

On a lighter, darker note. Us in the medical responder world, with darker senses of humor than most, use DRT as a off radio code to each other.

"Hey bill"

"Yeah Frank"

"That guy is DRT"

"What's that mean bill?"

"That guy is Dead Right There."

A dark sense of humor comes with the job.  ;)

 :popcorn: to stay updated

because i am lazy, i gathered everyones concerns for the orginal DRT post...

* We can't have untrained people who are answerable to no one volunteering to do work without our direct supervision.
* issues of access and liability
* government will track me
* peanut allergy
* how do we do funding
* how do we do IDs
* getting attacked or beat up
* When you have a tired / hungry group and start handing out food, etc - it can very quickly turn into a riot as people are not always patient. How do you protect the supplies and the volunteers?
* In situation like Sandy, where you can't get food, lodging or fuel - is the unit self sufficient and do you have the resources to support operations. What is resupply strategy. How long can you be on station before you have to leave.
* someone going to sue me
* Many states such as Alabama DO NOT HAVE GOOD SAMARITAN LAWS to protect you.


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