Author Topic: Who remembers trigeminal neuralgia episode numbers?  (Read 1584 times)

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Who remembers trigeminal neuralgia episode numbers?
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:04:23 AM »
I recall Jack discussing the pain and ordeal Dorothy went through with trigeminal neuralgia and I'm trying to find those episodes to relisten to because my wife has been recently diagnosed with it.  Jack didn't exaggerate regarding the painfulness of this disease - or how the majority in the medical field doesn't seem to have a clue how to treat TGN.  Anybody recall what episode numbers (I recall him talking about it several times in the past) he discussed trigeminal neuralgia? 

Before anyone snarkily suggests the search bar, I've already tried searching for "trigeminal neuralgia", trigeminal, neuralgia, and various combinations of Dorothy, doctors, specialists, pain, etc.  I also searched the forum using similar terms.  I even tried some broad, yet intentional search terms on Startpage.  No joy.  Perhaps it was mentioned in episodes in passing and didn't get any mention in the show notes or summary.  It's been awhile since he discussed the whole story, but it may have been in a Just Jack episode where he discussed doing your own research, critical thinking, or how teaching yourself anything, inside of a couple weeks you can be more of an expert on a subject than 90+% of the population and used his research on TGN as an example.  I seem to recall him describing the first doc they dealt with as having "no effing clue" and them finally finding a specialist in the Ft. Worth area that was one of the foremost experts in the world.  This ring any bells in anyone else's minds?

Thanks in advance, TSP community!

[Hopefully I posed this question is in the correct forum board...]