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"Off-grid" coop - need help designing light system

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This timer looks like it will do ,sorry I will look for more as I am able:

I have a similar set-up that powers the coop LED light in the morning and my fence charger that powers my electric poultry netting and orchard hot wire. 

Here is the major parts list:

100 W Solar panel with controller

Timer Switch

12V LED Light Bar

Premier 48" Electric Chicken Net Fence 12/48/3 Yellow - 164' Roll

Speedrite 1000 Unigizer, 1.0 Joule

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

For the night time light we have a couple Mr. Beams Motion activated lights,, that run off D Cell batteries that I had left over from another project.  They're super bright and the batteries last a long time.  I may switch them over to some Solar LED motion activated lights that we have used on other parts of the property.

HOPALONG...sounds like a great setup! Karma +1

Thanks.  I'm using an overkill panel and battery to allow me to add more functions in the future like an automatic coop door closer if needed.  What's nice is that it follows the coop around when I move the poultry netting to fresher grass.  The battery will power the fence charger for at least 30 days but with the sun we get it tops off the battery within a day or two.  Also the fence charger I bought it specifically because it can run on AC or 12 V DC.  I should also be able to add a few more sections of poultry netting which will come in handy for the meat chickens we plan on raising to fill the freezer this year.

Could you use something like this? It would mean using 12 V lights, but....?


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