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"Off-grid" coop - need help designing light system

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That's similar to the Renogy 100 watt panel and controller I have in the parts list in my above post.  I use such a big panel to keep the battery topped off for the fence charger mostly.  What are your plans as 100 watts may be overkill? 

We recently "upgraded" our coop by basically building one on top of an old trailer that can now hold 30+ chickens:

I'll post a better picture when I get a chance but we swapped out all the Battery Powered Mr. Beams to these solar powered guys:  We put one on each side of the coop.  They are super bright and have motion detection along with different lighting modes that may suite your needs.  I still have the 12 V light for the inside I need to reconnect but that doesn't need to be done till winter.  I'll probably just use a 10 W panel I have laying around with a custom AA battery setup configured to make the required 12 V since the inside light only needs to run a few hours at most during the winter.


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