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VPN Provider Recommendations?

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I keep hearing good things about Nord, which is based in Panama and thus not a party to the 14 eyes thing. Also ProtonVPN, in Switzerland. What are some other good ones?

I use proton for secure email for my domain. but have not tried it for VPN. I was not aware they had a vpn option.

Are you happy with protonmail?

I've been using NordVPN. Works very nicely, easy to install and multi-platform (PCs, IOS, Android).
Only problem I've had is that when my iPad or iPhone goes to sleep, the apps (mail, FB, etc.) keep working using the wifi but the VPN also takes a nap. Probably a setting someplace to fix this, but I haven't looked.

Only option I considered was shutting everything down before sending the device to sleep, but that kinda defeats the purpose of "handy internet devices" having to wait to restart everything.
No such problem with the PC however, used my laptop in the people's republik of illinois last month using VPN and it was always up.
One side note - if you go through a Canadian NordVPN server (as I did when in Alaska), everyone starts to show you your Canadian IP address. Kinda funny.


--- Quote from: FreeLancer on August 23, 2018, 01:01:29 PM ---Are you happy with protonmail?

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And which price plan do you have?


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