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Looking for a Permaculturist in Fairfield, TX area.


Recently my wife and I purchased an old emu farm (50 acres) and looking to make some improvements for cattle and goats. The property is already set up with 24 - 15X40 chain link pens and 4 large pens in one section of the property. We really lucked out with having most of the fencing in place with only a little repair needed. We have a couple of Tanks/Ponds and thinking of adding a few more.

The land has some rolling to it and we are looking for a Permaculturist to help with the layout to get ready for livestock.

We are located in Fairfield, TX. Also looking to connect with other locals of the same mindset. Would like to host some future workshops also if we can get enough interest.

You might look up TexasGirl.


Will do. Thanks Cedar.


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