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EMERGENCY RADIO find,Kaito KA 390 AM/FM/WX/Shortwave $20 bargain

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  I normally don't suggest a Shortwave radio as a prepper/survival radio but this radio has a lot going for it though it is a tad large for carry. This THREE "D" CELL radio offers long life on battery and a large 3 inch speaker with a headphone jack and a extending 32 inch whip tough a gator clipped long wire helps on shortwave. You even get a built in LED light and don't forget the WX radio that works great in most areas.I like the "D" cell power for in this radio ,at normal listening levels,you can get well over 150 hours of use and I use TENERGY rechargeable "D" cells though even regular alkaline cells will do well.The lack of SSB is not a big deal with the AM/FM/WX bands as the main interest and the $20 price is hard to beat for a table radio with so much going for it. The radio has a good carry handle and the 3" thick by 6"tall and 8" wide make it a bit large for 'bag' use ,but at a price that I would get one for home,one for BOL (yes,it will receive in the BOL but probably sympathetic through the Ham antenna feedlines as even cell phones refuse to work at my BOL,over 40 under surface) The manually tuned radio offers better than average sensitivity and good selectivity though a long wire attached to the antenna can cause some strong station overload of the front end.

  It can be powered from an adapter (optional) though the economy of the "D" cells and long listening life have yet to prompt me to other power options.Buy it quick before the price jumps back up!

Good find, for $20 it'll be a backup to the backup.

  It is a good ,low cost,radio though it does not have a hand crank   :deadhorse: :sarcasm:


--- Quote from: Carl on September 22, 2017, 10:14:44 AM ---  It is a good ,low cost,radio though it does not have a hand crank   :deadhorse: :sarcasm:

--- End quote ---

Yep, had my share of hand crank and solar none has stood the test of time.

Alan Georges:
You know what I like about this radio?  It's just a damn radio.  No memories, no scanning feature, no SSB.  On SW it only goes up to 18MHz, which covers all the bands you're going to get anyway.  The knobs on it say "Tuning" and "Volume" not "VFO" and "AF Gain".  To change bands, there's a slide-y switch, likewise for on/off.  Intuitive stuff.

It's almost like it was designed to be useable by normal people.  You could hand one to most anybody and they'd say "Oh, I get it.  Here, let me find some news."

It's not for me, but I could see giving these to beginner-prepper friends.  Plenty of time to get and test one before Christmas.  I wonder how good the AM band reception is?  Is the tuning rubbery?  Some of the reviewers have it not lasting so long (but there're always a few of those).  I've got too many little radios around at the moment, but maybe I'll get a few other things off Amazon in the next month or so.


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