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Anyone live in, or around Austin TX?

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--- Quote from: TexasGirl on December 07, 2013, 08:40:36 PM ---
 Was taking with a neighbor about hunting bear and cougars for meat.  Yes, hunting them in our "neighborhood."  No licence required.

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My son recently shot a bobcat, it was good eating.  I had never eaten it before and wasn't sure how it would taste.  Bear is downright delicious!  If you can take a bear, you'll be hooked.

Have lived around Austin for over a dozen years and seen the rapid growth in suburbs and development, being the fastest growing area of the country.
With the coming impact of Covid-19 and the areas Jack has been focusing on with the coming real estate market and the changes in education, has me pondering my options.
Some of the big projects being proposed (Domain sized and larger) has me thinking taxes are going to skyrocket as surrounding govts have shortfalls. This may not happen here, as more people from out of state continue to move here. 
Was previously a homeowner and now rent, and have been gauging the local market to try and find a non HOA property to buy, preferably over half an acre with an existing house.
In the overpriced market am starting to see prices lowering.
May have to wait till next year before really good ones start to appear. Have started to see home prices fall. Anyone else? This is outside of Austin by the way - Leander, Georgetown, Buda, etc. I am looking. Others see this trend?


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