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Anyone live in, or around Austin TX?

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Joe in TN:
Looks like my work will be moving me to Austin.  I have no idea where to even start looking for a house.  I am willing to drive 30-45 minutes into downtown if needed.  Can someone suggest some outlying areas/neighborhoods?


Round Rock and Georgetown are the two cities just to the north of Austin.  Nice places to live in both.  Are you looking for suburbs or rual?

Cedar Park is also nice.  A little Northwest of Austin. The west side of Austin is the higher income areas.  South Austin is decent along with a few areas of east Austin.  There is an area called Wells Branch in north Austin that is reallly nice.

Joe in TN:
The more rural the better, but I may be limited with what I am willing to spend.  I need a good elementary school and that is the main driver.  To be honest I would hope to be able to find a rental with 3 bedrooms in the $1,250/mo range.


Joe- I have lived in the Austin area off and on for my entire life. I have 2 pieces of advice to offer:

#1) The absolute best advice that I can offer you is AVOID WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TX like the plague.
Williamson County makes no bones about the fact that it is a Hyper-Police State. I have reached a point where I do not even like driving through it.
Here is a clip of Alex Jones speaking about Williamson County:
FURTHERMORE - the suburban ticky tacky landscape of Williamson County is SOUL CRUSHING. Any time I drive through the place I always have this song playing in my head:
Little Boxes:

#2) I would recommend that you live EAST of Austin.
The Balcones fault runs down I-35. The towns and land West of I-35 are definitely beautiful, but the Soil and the Water is better east of I-35.


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