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Anyone from Arkansas?

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Hey guys, im new. So i was looking through this, and i got to wondering...anyone from Arkansas have any tips on survival in general in our state?
Things like what to include in the BOB, lists of edible plants, hunting seasons,anything?

No good tips per say but I am living in AR

Doc Savage:
Head nets and bug repelant are mandatory.  Mosquitoes and chiggers (redbugs) can ruin an outing. 

I second the watch for chiggers. you really have to watch out for them. Twice at the range in Ft Smith did I get bitten alive by them suckers

well the only thing i can think of now is that i have two phases to my to go bags, they just got repacked from winter mode.
 repacking my bags twice a year gives me a chance to relearn where everything is and to look at exp dates on food. 
also change out water and update my med kit for anything i have just shoved in there or used.


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