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--- Quote from: ModernSurvival on February 10, 2010, 09:47:05 PM ---You are one very observant person, glad you are on my side.  Now on the steel bracelet, it is not Vietnam but you did well to even pick it up.  The bracelet is from

They don't do braclets anymore but if you support them by buying any product they sell from here  and send me proof I will give you a year in the MSB for 25 dollars.  Those men are my brothers after all.  So what if you have a MSB Membership already, I will let you gift someone else for 20 bucks for a year.  Just PM or email me your situation and proof of support and I will sort you out.

--- End quote ---

Update on the link:

Also they have bracelets again, but they are the non PC version now.

Sister Wolf:
Just ordered 2 of those "non-pc" bracelets for TW & I.  ;)  Thanks for the link update, inbox!

except for the jalapenos that is pretty much exactly what I do with quail although I never watched the recipe movie.  :D

Bacon is good on everything, even better on something already delicious.  I must find a good dove hunt this season. Last year was a complete bust.  Now though you have me salivating at the thought of more doves.  :P

BTW, your cat is awesome! I have an awesome cat that is about to turn 14. I love dogs but cats are SO awesome.

oh and those non-pc bracelets look pretty sweet


--- Quote from: ebonearth on May 25, 2010, 09:07:36 AM ---That is one long lived gorgeous kitty.
LOL @ 'A Country Kitty Can Survive'!

On the topic of 'stuff on the table' can I ask what supplements are on the table?

--- End quote ---

It is all stuff from Western Botanicals.  Can't tell you exaclty what but all stuff from Kyle and the stuff works great.  He put my wife on some stuff for migraines and she has had less in the last two months then from anytime in her life she can remember. 

I loved this video when it came out and still do today. Another home run for Jack.



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