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After listening to Jack for years now, I have taken an equal roll in the kitchen and my wife loves it, so when I told her about this FSF class, she said yes before I finished the sentence.  We live in North Texas on 2 acres and have bees, a garden, fruit trees, 6 cats, 2 dogs, 4 turkeys, 6 goats, few dozen chickens and a bunny and will be working on our aquaponics system this spring.  We also do all types of canning (hot, pressure and dry), as well as make goat milk soap, brew beer and make mead.... life is good!

Very cool!  Nice to meet both of you.  I've looked over the courses so far but not started digging in yet, I thikn my wife and I are planning to go through them together on Wednesday nights.

Noah Darco:
Hey, jakerobinson & tabbyinc, welcome to the forum!

Vacucanning is the best way we know of to preserve dry ingredients in quantities that make for easy rotation - in fact we're working on some recommendations for low-cost ways to get in to vacucanning, to be included in the course.

Howdy all! Long time listener to TSP and lifetime prepper (although we just called it living growing up) now residing on our 16 acre homestead in the Pineywoods of SE Texas. I love to cook but have never trained formally and thought his might just be the course for me and my stacks and stacks of long term storage food. We grow our own eggs, chickens, ducks, pigs and geese out here along with a moderate garden and almost 80 fruit and nut trees we've incorporated into our permaculture designed property. I usually harvest a deer or two and all the squirrels and wild rabbits you could want from the property but have yet to get anyone but the dogs and me to try the smaller game. I'm looking forward to learning from this course and my wife is looking forward to some new meals from me.

Hello All!

Looking forward to the show... Got the kids excited about getting in the kitchen with me (that alone was worth the money)!  I hope to gain a broader knowledge of blending flavors and make a wider array of dishes using basic staple ingredients in a way that can rotate my food stores. 

Question: I understand that the course is still in process (under construction) and am wondering if the course will also include instructions on preserving harvested foods & game?  Thinking along the lines of different ways to preserve wild game, utilizing foraged & home garden foods, and dehydrating?  I can, but have little luck & lack of experience dehydrating.


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