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Food Storage Feast students: Introduce yourselves here

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I would love to live in a place where I could raise pomegranate.  Welcome OC!

Noah Darco:
Welcome, oregoncactus!

While it would take a herd of wild horses to drag me away from the warm community and cold climate I call home, things like citrus, fig, and pomegranate trees do make me think twice once in a while. I need to go raid the fruit bowl now.

Hello from Southern Colorado.  I have a one acre plot that I am slowly making a little more self sufficient.  I have a small garden and five fruit trees.    I am interested in taking this class as I have cooked for many years, but am interested in making my preps taste great and to start using my preps as part of my daily living.   

Hello from Montreal, Canada!

I signed up earlier this week after listening to Chef Keith's interview on TSP. I'm hoping to improve my cooking skills while developing a nice base of recipes that make use of staple ingredients/herbs so I waste less. I live in a condo in the middle of the downtown area, storage space is a premium and take out food is, well, over-indulged in  :-\

Last year I started using a slow cooker to bulk cook and store stuff like stews, chillis and pulled pork. So I'd like to be able to buy a bag of potato's instead of a few individually - but when I do that now, more often than not I don't have enough uses for em and they'll go back before being used. Another issue would be a recipe that catches my eye but had 15 ingredients, so I'll end up with an obscure spice used once and the rest goes stale.

Can't wait to start trying some of the recipes and seeing how the site develops!

This mentality is widespread. Doesn't matter if it's the big fancy home or the not so fancy homes. People don't like using their time to cook, mostly because they don't have the skills, but also because they prefer the highly salted, sugared, and fattening foods that they can purchase so easily. I have known several people in my life that eat every single meal out or buy the prepared crap from the frozen section that just needs to be nuked. I don't understand this mentality.

We prepare 99% of our meals at home using basic ingredients, but we make amazing food! Homemade breads and soups are actually so easy and cheap, cheap to make!

--- Quote from: chefkeithsnow on January 17, 2017, 05:40:33 AM ---Don't mean to vent..but I have friends with $750,000 homes with $25 dollars worth of crap food in the pantry...and multiple kids...I thought I'd heard everything when my kids said their kids were driving to town(8 miles one way) to get lunch becuse they have no food at home...DUH !!  the parents drive to town 2 times per day..yet nobody can manage to get to the grocery store...cubboards are bare...yet they do manage to take trips to Disney etc..  hmmmm  priorities a little whacked ?


--- End quote ---


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