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Food Storage Feast students: Introduce yourselves here

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Noah Darco:
Welcome Bones and 4Gators! Thanks for checking in here.

4Gators, thanks for your question about food dehydration and game preservation techniques. Those are, unfortunately, beyond the scope of the course, although we will be covering basic packaging and rotation techniques and ideas. Food Storage Feast is first and foremost a cooking course, designed to teach you to integrate your storage food into what you eat everyday.


--- Quote from: Noah Darco on January 15, 2017, 11:50:21 AM ---Food Storage Feast is first and foremost a cooking course, designed to teach you to integrate your storage food into what you eat everyday.

--- End quote ---

Thank you!  My boys are hoping squirrel & rabbit are included in the game animal section.  LOL -

Great collection of experience many people doing so many neat things.  I wish more of my close friends understood the value of getting off their rumps and starting to build some security....I mean anything...a couple cans of beans and bag of rice is a good start.  They look at me like I have 4 arms when I suggest it....

Don't mean to vent..but I have friends with $750,000 homes with $25 dollars worth of crap food in the pantry...and multiple kids...I thought I'd heard everything when my kids said their kids were driving to town(8 miles one way) to get lunch becuse they have no food at home...DUH !!  the parents drive to town 2 times per day..yet nobody can manage to get to the grocery store...cubboards are bare...yet they do manage to take trips to Disney etc..  hmmmm  priorities a little whacked ?

ok..I'm done....of the soap box... ;D

Congrats to the folks here actually doing something...

As far as the question on game...bugs bunny will make several appearnces in the game section....tons of folks keep those critters for food..!



Hey everyone!

We live in the AZ desert.  We have two places - a 2 acre horse property near my husband's work and a more remote 15 acre mesquite forest property that we are just beginning to develop.  We currently have apple, plum, peach, mulberry, fig, pomegranate, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and meyer lemon trees.  We are next adding a tropical section with avocado, banana, papaya, and mango trees.  I am looking forward to learning how to prepare basic stored items and items we grow to make delicious meals.

@Chef Keith - you are so right about people living in $750,000 homes not having food.  We moved from one of those neighborhoods.  People had fancy kitchens with high end appliances but the only one they operated was the microwave to warm frozen or store prepped foods.  And eating out was standard for them. 


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