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This thread is for letting others know what you purchased in the 5 Item challenge discussed in Episode 70 of the survival podcast.

Post items, costs, reviews of quality and ideas for recipes here for items that are part of the 5 item challenge.

Please note specific replies to post for suggestions on how to use an item in a recipie are allowed.  That said lets keep this a data base, no chit chat on this one, no "i tried those and they are good", etc.  We want this to become a huge shopping list for all members with real opinions, costs, advantages, cooking ideas, etc.  So lets not clutter it with random chat, the mods are watching,  ;D

OK let's get this thing rolling, as you post items try to follow the format I am about to use.  Post price, servings per container, price per serving, where you bought it and your thoughts after trying it etc.  To keep things consitant just copy the line items below, paste em into your new post and edit each to fit your item.  Pictures are cool but you don't have to provide them, remember you can often get a pic off the manufactures web site if you don't want to provide your own.  Lets try to do one post per item rather then one post with 3 or 5 items etc.

This was the first time I saw dry soy beans marketed as "Dry Edamame" so I gave it a shot.

Source - Costco

Price - 5.99

Container Size - 29 Ounces

Servings per container - 27

Calories per serving - 130

Price per serving - 22 cents a serving

Chief Advantages - Easily stores a full year or more, good source of protein and nutrition, good balance of protein, fat and carbs, no prep needed.  No additives or other nasty stuff in them, low price per serving.

Disadvantages - Wife doesn't like them won't even really try them open minded.  ::) They are something may may feel that way about I guess.

Uses - direct snacking, make your own trail mix (nuts, raisins, grains, etc added), awesome salad topping, snack mix item as well, would be good at a party in a bowl with pecans and cashews.  They are very good and bigger then most "soy nuts", quite a lot like fresh Edamame so they deliver what is promised. 

My Opinion - If you like "soy nuts" you will love these, just enough salt for good flavor, some may want to add more.  Definitively a winner for me but we will only store one or two because my wife is not fond of them yet.  I think she will like them when I whip up a salad topper with them though.

Idahoan Baby Reds (yum)

Source - Costco

Price - 8.49

Container Size - 37 Ounces (9 four serving pouches)

Servings per container - 36 (9x4 as above)

Calories per serving - 110

Price per serving - 23 cents a serving

Chief Advantages - Easily stores a full year or more and I know 2 really would not hurt it.  Kids will love them, odds are everyone will be happy to eat these.  Very simple and fast prep time and they taste fresh, even have lumps and peals in them. (I don't get where the lumps come from they look like everyday potato flakes)

Disadvantages - Not as cheap as homemade and have a limit to nutritional value, however, the prep time makes up for any additional cost over making your own.

Uses - As a starch component of a meal, would be good for many toddlers as a step up from baby food.  Would be great for sheppards or hamburger pie type dishes or anything topped with potatoes. 

My Opinion - About the best potatoes I have ever made from a dried bag mix in my life.  To improve them use a tad more water then suggested.  A bit of milk would make them even better.  Try it you will like it.  Prep is boil water, remove from stove, add potatoes, fluff and let stand covered for 5 minutes.  Took longer to write this review then to make these.  Excellent storage food!  Let me also state I think three servings per package for hungry adults is a bit more of an accurate way to view the size per pouch.

I don't have any pics for these items yet, but I might post them after awhile. I wanted to contribute though so here it is:


Source - Ingles, Wal-Mart, ect.

Price - 98 cents

Container Size - 1 lb

Servings per container - 13 (1/4 dry cup serving siize)

Calories per serving - 80

Price per serving - 8 cents a serving

Chief Advantages - Stores for over a year if kept in a cool dry place. I did some research and Lentils have as much vitamins and minerals as soybeans. They are very nutritious and can be used in so many things from soups, to dishes, to salad topping (cooked of course). They do not require pre-soaking so they are good for on the go. They are not big bulky beans.

Disadvantages - They are beans and some people may get tired of them after awhile.. They require alot more water and cooking time than most beans (depending on how soft you like your beans). I cooked them along side white rice the other night and it almost twice as long to cook the lentils with double the water.

Uses - This is a good protein bean which has alot of nutrients in it. They can be cooked as is or they can be cooked and mashed into a paste and seasoned. They can be put into many dishes to enhance their flavor or their texture.

My Opinion - I like this bean probably better than the other ones I have tried so far. They are delicious and can be a part of many recipes to add protein, and nutrients without sacrificing taste. I think I am going to make this a permanent part of my supplies.


2 cups short grain rice.
1/2 lb lentils
1 table spoon Cayenne pepper (or less if you don't want it that spicy)
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teapsoons salt
2 boullion cubes of beef stock

Cook rice and lentils in seperate pots. Lentils should be in a larger pot for when you mix the rice in. Once rice is done put it to the side. Make sure to add at least one extra cup of water to the lentils. While lentils are simmering add the salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, and beef stock. When the lentils are done there should be at least a cup of water left above the lentils. Take the rice and mix it thoroughly in with the lentils. The rice should soak up the rest of the water while you stir. Turn off the heat and let it sit so it will soak up the water.

I am not sure what I would call this, but everyone loved it when I made it the other night. It is spicy, but not too hot (at least for me) and it was flavorful. I am not sure how many this serves, but I have half a pot left over and we ate alot of it last night. I know I had three large servings, and my fiancee had at least two big servings. I would say that it would feed a family of five with everyone satisfied at the end.

 Bumble Bee Chicken Salad w/ crackers  ::)-tasty
Source - Dollar Store or any Grocery Store

Price - 1.00

Container Size - 3.5 oz (99g)

Servings per container - 1

Calories per serving - 140

Price per serving - 1.00

Chief Advantages - Easily stores a full year or more. Lightweight, self contained (can of Chicken salad, pouch of crackers, small spoon, plastic and cardboard container for all items 

Disadvantages - Relatively expensive, lot of packaging not great for environment.

Uses - Quick and easy snack needing no preparation.  Great to throw a couple in a backpack/bug-out bag.  Good to stick a few in the car. 



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