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Gabrielle... a true Sunoven enthusiast, cooked for an entire year using her sunoven for at least one thing per day and documented her experiences, recipes, etc. Check out her old blog here:

She was so successful, SunOven company asked her to continue blogging for them, so she has done so at a new site:

Truly, she's an inspiration...

Thanks for the links Lvs - I've been toying with the idea of making my own Sun Oven before I spend a lot for something I may not like or use.  The last few weeks have been so hot here in Denver that turning the oven is just such a bad idea.  I will definitely check this blog out. 

I used to check out her blog every now and then. Good stuff.
I enjoy cooking in my sunoven but thus far have stuck to "normal" recipes. The only problem for me is high winds.

I recently purchased the sos solar oven the prompting of my wife! It is a very easy to use oven and makes great roast chicken and veggies. I grow all of our chicken and most if not all of our veggies. this past weekend I made beans and rice...the beans were so hot I burnt my mouth while tasting.

For the chicken I just put in a bed of diced onions and garlic, put the chicken in with some rosemary and salt and pepper. Put it out at 9am and its ready by 5pm. The juiciest moist and most excellent chicken you've ever had!

Ours is on the way.  :excited:


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