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Medical trauma kit!!!! With quik clot!!

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Just placed my first order with sawtac, I figure this med kit is a good starting point to establishing my hospital in south if the s@&$ ever hit the fan...   Just kidding.. Also ordered some wetfire..  Will post a review of both items as well as the seller if anyone is interested.

Very impressed so far.. Just got confirmation that my items just shipped. 62 minutes flat! Very
Impressive... Thanks sawtac..

Nice kit, but I think I'd want to add a SAM splint, some cravats and a pocket mask at a minimum.  As it stands it's a pretty nice cuts and scrapes kit.

I think that kit is a great starting place (every gun show I go to I usually sell a bunch).  I agree with the SAM splints.  I usually carry some Coban and a couple of Israeli bandages too.  Normal BOB has a handkerchief or two.  ;)

This place in going to be my downfall...I had to check out the sawtac site...too much affordable goodness to be had. 


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