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Placed an order for some magpul items that were backorderd asked for them to hold till all items were in stock. I then sent email to ship items they did have in stock to be sent and that i would wait for the bad levers, and to send when they eventually came in. Got a phone call to confirm  that they would ship what was in stock and that they would send it asap and save me some money on shipping. All i can say is you don't get that from many companies. Great guys and a Great company thanks sawtooth.
Ryan  :D

I am in full agreement!!  Sawtac's customer is FANTASTIC!!! ;D

Thanks guys.  :)  We do the best we can for everyone all the time.

I manage order fulfillment for several companies at my day job, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service (Jeff answered my call at 4pm on New Years Eve, and talked through bag options in depth.)  A different Maxpedtion seller that I contacted about bags never even returned my email.

Sawtac's email updates, tracking info, and follow-up to questions were top notch.  I received my Maxpedition bag today, and it was filled with some cool extras - light stick, paracord, and waterproof notepad.   Sawtac will definitely be getting additional business from me.

Speaking of additional business... ordered the Maxpedtion Versipack from Sawtooth for my FIL's birthday, and again great customer service.  They called to verify the address after it didn't come up in their USPS software.  They could have just shipped it an let it bounce around with the post office, but they took the extra time to make sure my FIL was going to receive it on the first try.

Thanks again!


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