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2 Cases for the Price of 1! - Canned Dehydrated Diced Potatoes

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JC Refuge:
Our supplier just presented us with the opportunity to buy cases of Future Essentials, Idahoan Dehydrated Diced Potatoes at the rate of two for one!

This does not happen often in the food storage biz. In fact, it is a first in my memory. These cases are current production--canned in October of this year--they'll store indefinitely as long as the cans remain unopened.

Each case contains twelve 12.3oz. cans.

Bottom line for buyers club members:  $64.00 for two cases. Free shipping of course to the lower 48.

Act quickly--this offer is only good till December 12.


How many 1 cup (before cooking) servings per can?  Also, what size are the cans, #2.5, #5 or #10?

JC Refuge:
Good Qs, Endurance.  These are #2-1/2 cans. Best guess is 2-3 one-cup servings per can--probably closer to three.

JC Refuge:
Three days left in this sale ... and out of more than a dozen pallets--just a few left. These cases are flowing off the shipping dock.

JC Refuge:


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