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BIG Announcement: AS OF January 1st, No Berkey Products can be shipped to CA

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: AS OF January 1st, No Berkey Products can be shipped to California

The details are forthcoming, but as of the 1st of the year, None of the Berkey Water Purification Systems or Filters can be shipped to a California address.

New Laws are taking affect on the first of the year, and an official Statement from New Mellenium is coming by Tuesday November 17th, 2009, that will outline the specific details. I have talked with them, but the official statement will explain the changes clearly.

Check back here and I will post the official statement when i receive it via email.

Feel free to call me at 562-544-0507 with any questions.

Our website is:

The list of items that will not be shipped to any CA address after January 1st, 2010 include:

Berkey Light System
Black Berkey Elements
PF2 Fluoride Filters
Travel Berkey System
Go Berkey Kit


Sister Wolf:
Figures.  I'm so sorry to hear that, but it's just one more reason why those of us in CA need to get out.

Can they not be sent there at all, or just not from the company? Say I send a gift to Sister Wolf that just happened to be shipped to my addy, can I pass it on to her?

HuH?  Are their laws really that out there?

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Serellan on November 16, 2009, 02:14:46 PM ---HuH?  Are their laws really that out there?

--- End quote ---

Sort of.  Yeah.  If I understand it correctly, it's that Berkey refuses to get certified in California's RIDICULOUS certification requirements.  It costs far too much money, and it makes no sense for them to do it.  So no Berkeys for us.


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