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Can't recharge my socks

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Help, I recently bought these black socks online, the toe area is heated by rechargeable batteries but the initial factory charge has run out and I don't know how to recharge them.
The two small white cylinders are the batteries and say on them- "OUTPUT 3.7V / 1.5A, INPUT 5V / 0.52A".
I've plugged the recharging leads into the batteries but as you can see, there's nowhere to insert the USB plug (circled) to draw mains power from.
There were no instructions whatsoever, so am I supposed to buy some kind of mains socket adapter from an electrical shop to plug the USB into, or am I supposed to plug it into my computer to recharge from there?
Any advice would be appreciated.

  I bet you could do it from the computer like so many other things.

Yep, you got it.  You need to plug it into a usb outlet (which is 5 volt).  That can be a computer, a cell phone backup battery, a usb wall charger, etc.  It is 0.5 Amps input which is a slow charge rate so almost anything would work.  For $10 you can even buy a small solar panel.

Thanks guys, shall I try using one of my two tablet rechargers?

Both have got a USB port on the back,
one reads- "OUTPUT 5.2V / 1.0A"
and the other reads- "OUTPUT 5V / 2A"

Do they sound ok to you and if so, which one shall I use for the best recharging efficiency?

PS- Apparently there'll be no way of knowing when the sock batteries are fully charged, so shall I leave them on recharge for about 12 hours to be sure, or is there a danger of harming them if overcharged?

  If the battery starts to get a little more then warm, then it's probably time to stop. Go with a 1/2 amp charger first.


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