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what edged weapons do you really need?

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In all my GOOD bags I have a machete, extremely useful tool. You can chop with it, hammer, and god forbid better defence than a Swiss army knife!  I also have a leatherman with extra slot in tools.  I also have a wood saw with a handle (looks like a knife not a bow saw).  I keep the saw in the machete sheath.  I have historically used Swiss army knifes before I have my first ever leatherman, never looked back.  I cannot imagine what I cannot do with these three tools. The only other knife I have in some kits is a home made skinning knife (keeps the mess of your leathermans).  One of the issues if yuo do not have a machinated/parang or hatchet, is that you would have problems shelter building.  Thoughts???

I just found the Fiskars "Brush Axe"

They are about 47 bucks retail but Wally World had them on clearence as usual of all garden stuff by August ::)  There foolishness was my gain.  I picked up one for 14 bucks!  I should have bought 6!

It is not a do it all edged tool but damn it is close.  I have to make a proper sheath for it and will be keeping an eye out for more of them with red stickers in any walmart I go into.  The steel is exceptional and it has great power and holds an exceptional edge.  I would still want a good knife too but this is an awesome tool.  It would also be one hell of a defensive weapon.

I will jockinly say its a communist plot that folks in texas  cannot carry or posses a bowie knife, i have looked at the laws asknce because my brother lives in Austin and he says just now they changed them top allow to put the length of knife i gave him for xmas is now legal??? input please. A small knife cannot do a big job but the proper big Knife can do both.

Legal length in Texas is 5½".  However, in San Antonio, they have "outlawed" folding knives.  They will gladly let you in with your CHL/pistol, but they don't want you carrying a folder.  This type of Bass Ackwards thought process drives me nuts.

I think you need an edged weapon for the different tasks you need it for. This can vary depending on where you live. If I am in the desert I might not need a machete. Several people on various forums seem to think that one knife will be able to solve all of their problems. I have a survival knife that is durable and does what it is intended for very well. It can cut, chop, and do other tasks readily without me fearing that it will somehow break. In addition to the survival knife I plan on getting a hatchet. Even though my survival knife does an excellent job at chopping, if I use the same instrument for everything, it will eventually wear out quicker. I don' t think anyone can really dispute that. So, I am going to get a hatchet, but what I am still up in the air about is a machete. They are nice, and sharp, but they are long and bulky. My survival knife does well, and as I found out at my last camping excursion, my e-tool does wonders for clearing an area. I have thought about a saw, but same kind of issue with the machete. I may or may not get that. Of course, having a smaller knife is a plus for anything you need to do on a small scale, but I never worry about that. I have always carried a pocket knife since I was in the military.


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