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300 whisper


Will the 300 AAC Blackout Ammo by Hornady - 208gr A-MAX Match be subsonic out of a Ruger bolt action + SilencerCo Omega; at 1600 feet elevation?  Or would it only be subsonic out of 16" gas guns?

Jack Crabb:
The Hornady website says it is 1020 fps out of a 16" test barrel. It would be extremely unlikely to be faster out of any other 16" or less barrel.

Wiki says the speed of sound is 1087 fps in dry air at 32 deg F.

Most Blackout rounds achieve max velocity within about 9" of barrel.

So, I would expect it to be subsonic.

thanks Jack.  I guess if I were smart or careful I'd try a box or two before I went big bulk order.


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