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Field Notes notebooks, Anyone?

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Does anyone else use these?

I carry a Field Notes every day, and have found them to be very rugged and well-made notebooks. They also fit easily in a pocket, and the many varieties make it fun to choose new ones.

I use a RITE IN RAIN pocket notebook..and it works well,wet or dry.

Awesome, I just added some to my amazon wishlist.  I have a thing for graph paper and these are available in graph or dot graph. 

I didn't get the Field Notes, but I got the Moleskin ones, in a 3-pack.
I carried it in the back pocket daily and made notes during my work day, and shopping lists, etc.
Since then, i moved on to a Rhodia book with a Quiver pen holder on the side. I still carry it in the back pocket, but can't sit on it since it's fat and stiffer than a Moleskin.
But I use it for work notes, in meetings, etc.

Moleskin and Rhodia is what is sold around here, can't find Fieldnotes anywhere but I want them because of their name, and their rarity lol.

I carried Rite-in-the-Rain coil notebooks but the coils get crushed in pockets, still, the paper is very good. No one sells stapled versions here.


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