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Can't find local like minded people!

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Long time lurker, first time poster.    ;D

Trying very hard to find someone in my local area that is like minded.

I've tried advertising on Craigslist, contacting local hams, posted a note on the local grocery store bulletin board, etc, etc, etc.

Local church... well... is not the kind I'd like to join.

Gone to several regional events/conferences that might have like minded folks.

Gone online to search for people in my area doing the things I like to do.

So far... NOTHING! And it has been close to 10 years now. :(

I am interested in self-sufficiency, gardening and chickens, radio communications, alternative energy building things, wiring and plumbing things, etc. Not fanatical at all nor overly zealous. Just can't find anyone who isn't an hour away from here that even has a small percentage of those interests. If things all go bad, having prepper friends a 100 miles away isn't going to be very useful, unfortunately.

I am located in Wales, MA, near the CT border. It is pretty rural here so I can't believe everyone isn't interested or so secretive about their activities. Looking for someone within a 10 mile radius or so to develop a mutual assistance sort of relationship. Learn from each other and maybe swap some skills. Getting tired of going it alone although I've done pretty well so far. Looking for a person or small group of trustworthy people but I am losing steam thinking that someone else out here thinks the same way I do.

Any other suggestions? PLEASE?



--- Quote from: nowhereman on January 03, 2015, 12:06:18 PM ---Long time lurker.....

So far... NOTHING! And it has been close to 10 years now. :(
--- End quote ---

To be blunt, after 10 years of having no one on your friend list (of like minded people), I suspect it may be you that is the problem.  Quit lurking and get engaged.  You might also try not to limit yourself to people that fit your personal definition of prepared and simply find friends that you can teach by example (give them time to accept your lifestyle on their own time- line, not yours).

I have way more friends that don't live my type of life style than those that do.  When the time comes, those friends that aren't prepared will know to come to my house when needed.  They may not come with food and water, but many of them have skills I don't have and will prove helpful in sustaining a community.

+1 for your first post (reaching out)


David in MN:
You might not ever find a "flesh and blood" prepper community. That said, you probably have neighbors who can fix cars, weld, bake, hunt, etc. So I agree that having a group of talented friends is great. You're better off knowing a group of talented people than dedicated preppers sitting in the basement rewatching Red Dawn for the 50th time. If you're rural, a gardening club could become a CSA and voila you have a new business (just an idea, so many others).

I agree some inward looking helps; sometimes it gets tough to accept that you see things different and that builds walls mentally.

If you've read this forum a bit you know we're all dedicated to self sufficiency, new skills, freedom, and taking back our lives. But we still butt heads from time to time. You're never going to find that perfect kindred mindset.

Alan Georges:
nowhereman, here are two recent threads that may be of some help:

A lot has been said there, maybe you'll find something you can use.  If not, just keep askin' questions.

Jeff NH:
Many of the suggestions from others are reasonable. I'll toss in one more. Consider moving. It is a big deal. I don't offer it lightly but at some point, whether it is lack of jobs, or other reasons, sometimes the best choice might in fact be to move someplace else. Having said that, moving IS a big step and you'd certainly not want to move and then find out that you are in the same boat someplace else...

At the very least, I'd suggest driving up to NH for the Free State Project liberty forum event in March. Who knows, you may even end up finding people from your local area that are visiting.


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