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Will recent sanctions against Russia include a ban on ammunition?


I am concerned that the recent rising tensions with Russia which have caused sanctions from the White House may include banning Russian ammunition imports.  I have read a few articles that mentioned bans in the arms sector and arms related bans.  Can anyone give me a definitive or at least well educated answer to that question.  If so how long do I have before soviet block weapons ammunition prices skyrocket? I am not trying to cause any panic, but I thought I should ask.

Morning Sunshine:
two birds with one stone: pretend that sanctions hurt Russia so we can look like we are doing something AND stop those bitter clingers from shooting their evil weapons.  Win-win.

Mr. Bill:
MODERATOR NOTE: We're in the board here, which is for communicating with the staff of  If you'd like to start a general discussion on ammo availability, a better place would be either the General Ammo, Reloading, Bullet Casting, & Ammo Craft board, or the General Firearm Discussion board (where there is already a long discussion titled "Ammo shortages (now 2014)? What are you seeing out there?"

Sorry, I thought this would be a good question for Bulk Ammo since I figured they would know first before the consumer, that was my rational for placing it here.


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