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My homestead plants are budding!!


This winter I planted things... 

5 blueberry bushes that I got from a neighbors blueberry patch.  They were small "weeds" that  the owner was going to thin out away from her bushes, and she said "you want these!?  PLEASE!!! take them"   SO I dug up the root on 5 of them that were about 2-3 feet tall, and watered them into the ground in a newly cleared area of my acreage.     They're budding, and green!!!

13 persimmon trees that I got for teh free from a tree giveaway in a neighboring town.  These were little dead looking sticks when I got them.  I wet the roots down, and let them sit overnight, and transplanted them into spots all around my property.    I marked them with green sticks.  so I could find them this spring.   They're sprouting buds, and nice and healthy!!  I am most happy about these guys.  I Absolutely Love persimmons. 

3 apple trees that I bought from the local farmers market.  2 golden delicious, and 1 Ein Sheimer.   The Ein is budding and flowering.  Smell wonderful!!!! 

1 loquat from the farmers market also.   Ive got it planted down near a spring so it can get lots of water.   

1 Fig tree that I propagated from a HUGE fig at my folks place. I put a big rock on the lower limbs to push the branches into the dirt.  They sprout roots where they're in the ground, and then you can cut them off from the main tree, and replant wherever you like.      I Liked down near my stream, and put the first experiment there.   It's taken off, and super happy.   

Finally 1 Pear tree that's not doing anything yet.   I cut into a part I thought looked dead, and it was green, so I guess it's not dead.   

This spring / summer I am going to clear more brush around where my apple orchard is going to be, and work some more on my cabin.   Hopefully one day I will be able to finish my house, and live out here.   ;D

Man I'm jealous of all the permaculture!  I live on a heavily wooded lot, and probably can't fit much (if any) in. It sounds like you're getting a pretty good little orchard going on there.

Man that is awsome!  Hope it turns out to be a productive summer for you!  Whe still have 2 foot of snow and I've got my seedlings in the garage screaming to be planted! 

Take pics and post, we all like to see them. 



--- Quote from: khristopher23 on April 03, 2009, 11:04:11 PM ---Man I'm jealous of all the permaculture!  I live on a heavily wooded lot, and probably can't fit much (if any) in. It sounds like you're getting a pretty good little orchard going on there.

--- End quote ---

Get out the chainsaw!!   Ive been cutting down small Oaks, and Magnolias, and Holly trees, and while it doesn't make me happy to be cutting down nice hardwoods like that, I know I have PLENTY more All over my Property, and the fruit trees that are taking their place will be productive, and attractive. 

I was back out at the Homestead today, and got some work done as well as some funtime exploring.   

I Planted a Naval orange that my Girlfriend got me, and got it all watered in, and happy!!   It's about 40 yards from my apples.   I put it on a south facing property line that is cleared out so it can get full sun.   

My dad bought a Tree book for the southern US, and we started trying ti ID the trees around my place.   Holy crap.... there must be 24000 species of trees out there. 
Right near my cabin we ID's an american chestnut, but could not figure out the hickory tree. 

We went exploring into some woods near my creek that were unexplored before, and found some wild blueberry bushes, and finally found what I have been looking for since I bought the property!!!

a 10 inch concrete culvert stuck in the ground with clean fresh water flowing out of it.    ;D ;D ;D    I love my property.   

I need ti figure out how to build one of those water ram pumps so I can irrigate my trees, and eventually my garden when I plant it. 


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