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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know about my experience buying from BulkAmmo.

It was kind of a last minute decision. I knew I was buying ammo but wasn't sure where from. I ran to my usual supplier "The Armory" and they were out of everything I wanted, even 7.62x54r. Nobody runs out of that stuff, do they? I've also just recently returned to the "single stack club" and needed some .45 ACP. No joy at The Armory or Aim Surplus, or anywhere else I looked.

So, I decided to give BA a try. They had everything I was looking for .45, x54r, and 7.62x39. So I placed my order, Sunday evening (5/5/13). I figured I would see the goods probably in the next 7-10 days.

Nope. The shipment arrived today and in good order.

I can't tell all of you that you will get such fast service. They seem to be across town from me. However they were very prompt and got the order out quickly.

Great job you guys (and gals?) at!

Kind regards,

I have ordered from them many times. No issues and prompt shipping times.

I have always gotten good service. Use your MSB discount too. I failed at this on two separate orders!  :banghead:

I made my first purchase a little while ago. Their shipping is fantastic. I ordered late on a Saturday night and had it in my hands by the following Tuesday. The prices are coming down and the inventory is coming back. Time to head back out to the range and have some fun.

Ordered 2 cases of 5.56.  Shipping was fast, arrived in excellent condition, specially boxed to hide content, good price and my MSB discount worked.  Very pleased with this purchase!


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